Discus Analytics, LLC., is a healthcare company specializing in the capture, analysis, and application of actionable clinical data, and believes that specialists who implement a data collection portal capable of tracking patient outcomes and quality metrics in real-time have a decided advantage within the changing landscape of healthcare reform.

The JointMan®

Follow Patients and Track with Effectiveness

The JointMan® Product Suite is the first patented, flagship product of Discus Analytics. This innovative platform enables rheumatologists in academic, private, and institutional settings to clinically follow patients with rheumatic disease, and to track biologic and DMARD effectiveness via a point-and-click, color-coded homunculus.

Capture Data and Trend Joint Counts

The JointMan® clinical care portal allows physicians to capture and trend joint counts at each visit while aggregating, analyzing, and presenting data in a concise and actionable format. Analyzed data helps identify trends, predict outcomes, influence therapy choices, and improve care as both physician and patient work toward a low disease activity state. Aggregated data within the portal can also be applied to health management profiles and is pivotal to predictive analysis research.

Enhance and Sustain Financial Health

The broad application of this technology involves not only patient care, but also helps enhance and sustain the financial health of the practice as a whole. New legislation and generally accepted opinion proposes to dramatically shift how physicians are reimbursed. The JointMan platform adds the value layer between EHR and practice management systems which lack the versatility needed to comply with the upcoming shift to outcome/value-based reimbursement, and secures Rheumatology’s spot at the contract negotiation table.


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform clinical data into insights and intelligence, delivered where and when they are needed, establishing a new standard of care that will improve patient outcomes.

Executive Team

Howard M. Kenney, M.D.

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Karen Ferguson, M.S.

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Gary L. Craig, M.D.

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Sergio Schwartzman, M.D.

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We strongly recommend the services and staff behind Discus Analytics. This company provides a feeling of
commitment for one common cause of high, quality patient care. Along with that, this company is responsive and eager
to correct any issue while also directing us on ways to improve our workflows.
Letter of recommendation

Lara Foutch, Practice Manager of EARC

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