“We are writing this letter to recommend the services that involve the utilization of a software system, JointMan, and the incredible team behind this software. We went live with the Discus Analytics, JointMan, using an interface from our EMR in March of this year. The JointMan software is a comprehensive tool that helps our Rheumatologists provide efficient and comprehensive patient care. The software provides a modality for not only monitoring the effectiveness of their treatment regimen but also features to track the timing and frequency of flare ups.

The company is responsive and takes all of our questions and concerns to heart. Every concern we have brought to their attention have been meet with immediate action by the company, even going so far as to rewrite functionality and have it in place within days. One of the concerns that they immediately addressed was adding a header on every ChartNote page to meet our corporate documentation needs; they had it redesigned and in production within 14 days.

We strongly recommend the services and staff behind Discus Analytics. This company provides a feeling of commitment for one common cause of high, quality patient care. Along with that, this company is responsive and eager to correct any issue while also directing us on ways to improve our workflows.”

Letter of recommendation

Lara Foutch, Practice Manager of EARC

“JointMan allows rheumatologists to capture and trend joint counts at each visit while aggregating, analyzing and presenting data in a concise and actionable format. This is a defining moment for Rheumatologists—together, we can bring about significant change in patient care through successful collaboration at the local, regional, and national level.”

Sergio Schwartzman, MD

“Physicians need an aligned measurement system capable of capturing data at three major levels: individual clinician, group/institution, and population/community, with the additional feature of performance results that can be easily fed back to each level. JointMan is that system.”

Howard Kenney, MD

“There is a significant need in rheumatoid arthritis for accurate, scalable, precise, and cost- effective methods of capturing quality outcome measures of treat-to-target disease activity. JointMan answers this need.”

Joyce Gauthier, MD

“I find the JointMan program to be incredibly intuitive, fast, and easy to use. It is the very best program of its kind, and the real power of the program lies in my ability to visually show patients their progress, with the added benefit of quickly expediting any prior authorizations that might be needed before treatment begins.”

Jeff Peterson, MD

“As we enter the age of performance-based health care, the ultimate goals are to improve quality and lower cost. JointMan is the ideal tool to facilitate both. JointMan captures critical information necessary to calculate disease activity with nothing more than the click of a mouse.”

James Loveless, MD

“The key is to use the principles of treat-to-target and validated outcome measures with IT that captures the encounters, trends the data, and allows our experiences to be pooled and analyzed.”

Bill Arnold, MD

“I enjoyed listening to your presentation. I must say, you delivered a great layout for the future of rheumatology payment structure and this demo has correctly emphasized the need to count joints and to save data in a retrievable fashion. Also it will be an enormous benefit to have the data to be used in research and to have the ability to show to third party payers the quality of our work. It helps motivate rheumatologists and brings a sense of collaborative effort among like-minded rheumatologists. I think the T3Jointman web based tool is really cool. It is easy to use; the patient helps fill it out which saves staff time and pdf makes it easy to incorporate in any existing EHR.”

Farhan Tahir, MD, MD

We use Jointman also.
It has also saved from having to bother the physician from doing tedious letters to ins cos in order to approve biologics. Everything we need to get those approved is in Jointman, One report, which anyone in my staff can print and send to ins co (they don’t even have to understand it–just print and mail). Of course it is as good as the data you put in, so we make sure we do it accurately the first time around because it tracks it very nicely over time. My only disappointment is that it cannot integrate with Practice Fusion, but that is not JM’s fault (Practice Fusion is just not integrating with much of anything lately–not even the ACR registry). This means double entries for my staff, but is all good based on the overall benefits. I am not an investor either. Just a highly satisfied customer.

Nilsa Cruz, Practice Administrator