JointMan® system users engage in Research through a variety of ways.

  • Research your practice.

    Use the JointMan® system dashboard to identify trends in your own practice. Request new dashboard panels that reveal current statistics regarding patient diagnosis, time to remission, and treatment efficacy. This data is invaluable for improving patient care.

  • Start your own investigator-initiated trial.

    Have a research idea but not the resources? We will help get your ideas implemented, and your questions answered.

  • Participate in JointMan® network trials.

    We will keep you apprised of new trials available to all physicians.

  • Easily identify patients for clinical trial enrollment.

    We are building functionality into the JointMan® system which helps identify eligible patients for JointMan™ investigator-initiated trials, at the time of the consult.

  • Participate in trials just by doing what you do.

    Pursuant to current HIPAA guidelines, patients automatically become part of the cloud-based, de-identified data warehouse known as “T3.” Reap the benefits from each of your historical patient encounters that are used in a T3 trial.

  • View our list of publications.

    Review our list of peer-reviewed journal articles and conference abstracts.